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Paspartoo has been providing quality Magento developers, coders, architects and consultants since 2018 to top companies like yours! Either you want to hire Magento developers as an addition to your existing team or want to onboard a whole team, we’ve got you covered!

  • Magento Certified
  • In-House Team
  • Agile Mindset

What can we help you with?

New Store Development

The service typically includes custom design and development to match the client's specific requirements, including integrations with third-party systems, payment gateways, and shipping providers.

New Magento Store Development

Magento Upgrade and Migration

Involves upgrading an existing Magento store to the latest version or a specific version, depending on the client's requirements. The upgrade process includes migrating data, customizations, and configurations to the new version of Magento, ensuring that the store's functionality and performance are not affected.

Magento Upgrade and Migration

Conversion Optimization

We conduct a full СRO analysis using our unique methodology CRO. It allows to accurately identify weaknesses and transform them into points of growth.

Conversion Optimization

Magento Support & Maintenance

This service includes regular updates to the Magento platform, extensions, and security patches to ensure the website is running smoothly and securely. It also includes troubleshooting and fixing any issues that arise with the website, as well as monitoring the website's performance, backups, and site speed.

Magento Support & Maintenance

What you receive?

  • Unified order processing system

  • Multilingual and multichannel support

  • Increased brand recognition

  • Maximized sales conversion rate

  • Increased customer retention

  • Scalability and flexibility projects

  • Extensive integration capabilities

  • Excellent customization options

  • Flexible content management

Professional, Thorough, Clear

Our agency specializes in Magento development for over 5 years. We take pride in tailoring our approach to each project. Our experienced team creates customized, responsive Magento websites for companies of all sizes.

Paspartoo Team

Why do clients choose Paspartoo?

5+ Years Of Average Experience

Our trained professionals will do whatever it takes for your project – all we ask is some direction on what needs doing so we know how best to proceed without wasting time or resources.

Integrity & Transparency

We promise your idea will be safe with us. We follow strict NDAs and our teams work transparently, so you can feel confident about the process from start to finish!

Free No Obligation Quote

Share your project with us and get a free quote in less than 24 hours. The quote depends on various factors such as how complex the project is; but rest assured knowing there is absolutely zero cost involved in getting started!

Hassle-free Project Management

We handle it all, from execution to delivery, ensuring a stress-free journey for your project. With transparency and security as our priorities, we take care of everything while you focus on your business goals.

Our Clients

We are trusted by well-known brands and start-ups

Our clients Luxury Bazaar
  • Development

Luxury Bazaar

The Luxury Bazaar company has been selling branded/luxury watches and accessories since 2001. They are a reliable dealer of both new and used cars, watches of such brands as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and others. Their main task is to find the best and rare watches and jewelry at the best price in order to offer their customers the widest range.

The client approached Paspartoo Agency to complete the development of their initial-stage website. Since Luxury Bazaar deals with high-value products, it is crucial to maintain meticulous records for every item. Despite having identical watches in stock, each piece had a unique part number/barcode. This required developing functionality to differentiate products with the same SKU in Magento 2 and synchronizing them with the Quickbooks Desktop system.

Our team created a custom entity as a sub-product within the main product, enabling distinct quantity, cost, and attributes. We modified the Magenest Quickbooks Desktop module to seamlessly integrate with this custom entity. To maintain up-to-date product quantities and track sales, we developed a custom module for importing Quickbooks Desktop-generated reports into Magento 2 XLSX format. Additionally, we enhanced the front-end to give the site a modern and stylish appearance.

Advocacy Site
  • Development

Advocacy shop

Clients are novice designers and artists, creators of homemade cosmetics. The business owners contacted Paspartoo to develop a brand-new website on Magento 2 Enterprise Edition. The main goal was to help low-profile brands increase their sales and gain popularity. The essence of the project was that certain curators could place on the site the goods of those manufacturers that they wanted.

To manage multiple mini-shops, orders, and shipments, our client required the VNECOMS Multi-vendor extension. Our task was to find a solution that would allow the client to quickly create mini-shops for curators, connect manufacturers to these mini-shops, integrate it all with the VNECOMS extension, and install additional plugins, metrics, and integrations. Additionally, we needed to develop a module that could automatically calculate a predetermined commission for manufacturers from each item sold.

As a result, our team created a user interface guide for developers to streamline the website development process based on the client’s provided design prototype. We also developed the functionality to create mini-stores, enabling immediate assignment of products and their respective manufacturers. Additionally, we incorporated the inclusion of comprehensive information about the curator, delivery options, returns, and more. Furthermore, we enhanced the product card by including the capability to display detailed information about each manufacturer.

Yamaha Parts
  • Development

Yamaha Online Parts is a trusted online retailer specializing in Yamaha Outboard Parts and Yamaha Marine Parts. With over 11 years of experience, they offer top-quality Yamaha OEM parts. They provide an extensive inventory of Yamaha OEM Marine Parts & Accessories with swift delivery. Customers can rely on for an exceptional shopping experience.

The client had an existing website and sought to transition to Magento 2. Our team was tasked with creating the website based on the client’s chosen theme, installing and configuring the necessary extensions. We collaborated seamlessly with the client’s in-house team using Git. Leveraging our expertise in advanced front-end programming, we meticulously styled the website to match the provided layout. Special attention was given to empowering the administrator with easy editing capabilities and utilizing the features integrated into the third-party theme. 

The most interesting task we faced was styling third-party extensions that were unrelated to the website’s installed theme. Through our efforts, we successfully achieved the desired outcome.

  • Development

Urgent Passport

Urgent Passport Services, Inc. has been a trusted provider of expedited passport services to U.S. citizens for over two decades since 2002. Recognized for its exceptional service, Urgent Passport Services has been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Its commitment to quality is further evidenced by its registration with the U.S. State Department at passport agencies throughout the country.

For the initial project, the client approached us to develop a new website on M2. After a few years, they returned with a primary request: to update the website’s appearance, making it more modern and convenient. The client also emphasized the importance of speed and performance in Google Page Insights. After conducting thorough research and evaluating available solutions, we decided to focus on Hyva. This presented an intriguing challenge as the theme utilizes non-standard solutions for Magento, specifically TailWind CSS and Alpine.js, which are not typical for Magento themes. 

While the designer created new layouts, we took the opportunity to update Magento to the latest version and install the necessary modules based on the client’s requirements. After careful preparation and coordination with the client, we successfully implemented a new design using the Hyva theme. The result is a simple, user-friendly, fast, and visually appealing website.

Magento Development Process

  • Gathering &
    Analyzing Data

    This stage involves collection business requirements, researching and understanding the market, competition, and industry trends

  • Planning &

    This stage involves creating wireframes, which are basic layouts of the website or application that show the structure and functionality of each page.

  • Prototype &

    We build your store based on the given solution. Our Project Manager will keep things all fine.

  • Development &

    This stage involves coding and integrating various components, such as payment gateways, shipping modules, and third-party extensions

  • Testing &

    Testing of the developed features to ensure they are working as intended and identifying any potential issues or bugs.

  • Support &

    This stage ensures that the store remains secure, stable, and performs optimally. Developers provide ongoing technical support to address any issues or bugs that may arise.


On-demand Magento help at delightful prices

Tackle development and design projects of all sizes. No subscriptions. 1/2 typical agency costs.


Basic package that you need to start your business easily.

from $5000

  • The latest Magento version installation
  • Third-party theme setup
  • Payment / Shipping methods configuration
  • Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel connection
  • Apps installation
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Additional features will be available to make website works on you.

from $15 000

  • All features from “Light” package
  • Custom design
  • Theme development based on the design
  • Data migration
  • Product feed configuration
  • Custom features
  • CDN + server optimization
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Pro-level to use all the Magento features for the best results.

from $40 000

  • All features from “Website S” and “Website M” packages
  • Multi-vendor functionality
  • API integrations
  • PWA
  • ERP integration
  • AI search
  • Custom functionalities with complex logic
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*  We provide 90-days guarantee for our code.
** The final project cost depends on the scope of work

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We’ll be in touch to clarify or confirm your request within one business day. Project quotes start at USD $85/hour.

Alex U.

Ecommerce Expert

Our Technology stack

  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • nexcess
  • GitHub
  • AWS
  • GetResponse
  • DigitalOcean
  • MySQL
  • Algolia
  • SalesForce
  • EcomDash
  • ElasticSearch
  • ShipWorks
  • Shippo
  • EasyShip
  • Hubspot
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • ShipStation
  • QuickBooks
  • klaviyo
  • Skuvault
  • MariaDB
  • Mailchimp

Client’s Testimonials

"They’ve studied our goals and adapted existing technologies to fulfill our needs."
Paspartoo has successfully delivered on time and within specifications, despite unique and complicated requirements. Their responsive, efficient, and accommodating project management has resulted in a smooth workflow. Their flexibility and adaptability accentuate their team’s technical expertise.

E-Commerce Startup

Co-Founder & COO

"I was very happy with their instant feedback even when issues were happening."
Paspartoo successfully stabilized and sped up the site. Their team is very responsible. Their feedback and experience were highly appreciated and they met all deadlines.

Baxter Trading LLC

Owner CEO

Paspartoo's development team is very thorough and complete. The client has been impressed by their detailed QA and consistent communication. The team's response time is reasonable, and they always complete the deliverables on time. Overall, customers can expect a committed, responsible partner.



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